To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

You’ve probably heard the phrase “if you havent got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” …

Why is there so much facebook hating going on, I seriously don’t understand it, do you remember MySpace? Of course they havent got everything right yet, but I’ve been impressed how they react to feedback, e.g beacon .. they say – “oh yer, sorry, our mistake, we’ll stop that”, and “why do all my status updates have to start with is?” they say “good point, we’ll change it”.

Alot of (read, almost every single) online web apps just dont listen. I forgive facebook, they seem to listen, this is good, very good. I suppose everyone loves to hate on the web.

Now, going at right angles, my next topic. Perfection. Heres my take, and something that I think affects lots of people, businesses and, well life in general.

When you were younger, you probably really liked a girl/boy, maybe you thought they were “the one”, they were the first person you ever felt strongly about, all the feelings were new, and all the feelings were great. Hopefully, your still with this person, if not seem to be spamming the underground , soo….

Anyways, my point is, when you’ve felt how good it can be, its hard, perhaps impossible to settle for anything less going forward, and this, unfortunatly can become your downfall. I’ve seen this in myself and also in the people I work with, the point is, sometimes forgetting is good, and definatly don’t compare everything you do to google. Having read “Getting Real”, its really reinforced to me that perfection is actually a state achieved by knowing you can’t get that feeling straight away, and that although in the past it feels like you could, you actually didnt, you invested time, tried out some different tactics, some worked, some didnt, then when it worked, it was because you learn all those lessons. So dont be a perfectionist, dont be afraid to be wrong, or look stupid, because, if im learning nothing else this years its that you can never look stupid when all your doing is your best.

So look forward to seeing me make loads of mistakes, but never the same ones twice.