Men of few words are the best men – William Shakespeare

Men of few words are the best men – William Shakespeare

When you ask people, what's your favourite song? Or what's your favourite film? The answers is invariably, “there's too many I like to name one”. Personally, I think this is because, by giving one definitive answer you might feel as though you’ll be typecast, or the permanency of such an answer makes alot of people feel uncomfortable. Of course, something to bare in mind is that over time, people change, and what you like and appreciate changes.

One of my little known secrets is keeping a list (at least in my head) of my current favourite lyrics, in fairness, the song probably as much to do with the lyrics, but I do have soft-spot for a succinct statement of the real. I recently read on JP’s blog about, which kept me amused for a while.

Something old  – “We don’t talk about love we only want to get drunk” – Manic Street Preachers – A Design For Life

Something new – “I don’t want money I want a thing called happiness” – The View – Superstar Tradesman

Something from the Artic Monkeys -“How can you wake up, with someone you don’t love, and not feel slightly fazed by it? ” – Leave before the lights come on