About David

David James, standing outside, in front of some trees and a black building.
David James. Deal breaker, candlestick maker, something, something, paper.

Hello, to those that always need to find out more.

I'm David and this is my personal blog, it contains my free form thoughts on subjects I am interested in, such as technology, books, podcasts, sports, psychology, pretty much anything. All opinions are my own, unless they get me into trouble in which case, they are someone else's.

I also run a company in the UK called Total Car Check, and I've learned a lot of lessons in doing so. I share a lot of those lessons here.

Want to know more, sure, read on...

Name: David James

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-james-uk

About Me

  • I grew up in Essex, England.
  • I went to university in London, England.
  • My first job out of university was for a telecoms company on a "High Potential Graduate Scheme", there were something like 25 of us that started together, I think there are 2 remaining 'graduates' with the same company 17 years later.
  • I tried, and failed to launch my first company whilst at this telco, called "Simple Web Phone". (I just googled simplewebphone and found my old blog, so I imported all of the old blog posts, wow, I was..... young.)
  • Worked in insurance, banking, air travel, then when my parents bought a stolen car.. by accident... I started to build https//totalcarcheck.co.uk in evenings and weekends.
  • Why is this blog called the "antistartup"? Good question, long rambling answer that includes.... what a startup is and isn't is ethereal, any path that leads to happiness and kindness is the right path, don't let people convince you otherwise.