Lowering the bar.

Lowering the bar.

Have you ever fallen into a well?

Me either. It would have made a great excuse as to why I haven't written a single blog post in seven years.

I'm lowering the bar for myself.

Writing should be escapism, expression, writing should be sun drenched mornings after your only coffee of the week.. the one you call a coffee but is actually just warm milk and sugar, aka an oat latte with hazelnut syrup (too specific?).

The only way to get better at something is to keep doing it.

I started writing this, just so I started. I recently heard Ricky Gervais say something along the lines of "Don't try to think about how a story will start, just write down 'he went for a walk' and go from there.". This feels like good advice, breaking the inertia, moving from zero to... a number more than zero is the battle.

Back to the well, and falling into it, sometimes, it feels like you may have done exactly that. Sometimes once a month, sometimes once a year, often ten times a day? Inside the well, you can hear and see some of the world, but your world becomes the well. There is a principle of lean manufacturing/software engineering that says "See the whole" here's me talking about seeing the whole for 57 seconds: https://youtu.be/fnkTw8Vmmig?t=538

I started, so I'll finish.

Things will get better, I promise.. in a non-contractually binding sort of way.

P.S. I found my old blog posts from 2007-2015, so I manually re-recreated the posts, not because they are interesting or useful but because I was fascinated to look back on how I saw the world. Many of my insights are terrible, but many of my views remain the same, if not a little refined and filtered by experience.

Also, some of the topics are... trivial at best, but I don't want to revise the history of how I was then, curate my past to appear correct in hindsight, I was young and trying to work things out, and its okay to accept that your style can change over the years.